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Turn your text content into a LinkedIn carousel post.

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LinkedIn carousel posts & IG carousel posts are of one the most multi-faceted tools which you can use to grow your personal brand. All that you need to do is come up with an adequate creative strategy that will boost your engagement levels thereby, promoting brand loyalty. 

To create carousel posts, you need to visit where in you shall come across a feature called Text to Carousel. Within this blog post, we will talk about this feature and help you understand its uses.

Text to Carousel Maker

This feature allows you to convert text posts like tweets, blog posts, lengthy LinkedIn text post, twitter threads, or basically any type of text content into a carousel post for your LinkedIn or Instagram. 

You just need to type or paste your text content.

Text to LinkedIn Carousel Post maker.

The steps are quite simple.

  • Copy the text you want to convert. 
  • Click the button labelled “Text to Carousel”.
  • Paste your text.
  • Edit the post with the options available.

To simplify it further for you, we are attaching a short video which will brief you with this procedure. Watch this video for quick understanding.

Making LinkedIn carousel post just by pasting text

Creative Ways to use your LinkedIn & Instagram Carousel Posts for Your Personal Brand.

To give you a kick start, we are listing a few ways which you can use carousel posts to grow your personal brand.

  • Share Your Brand’s Story through Instagram & LinkedIn’s Carousel Posts.

Instagram carousel posts provide you with a great opportunity of sharing your brand’s personal story on Instagram or LinkedIn without distorting your feed. The trick is to ensure that your carousel photo is arranged in accordance with your profile’s aesthetic. It should follow AIDA model too.

This way you can share your personal brand stories for example by posting pictures of your first company meeting or your first office.

  • Turn your blogpost into a carousel post for LinkedIn & IG.

Using carousel posts, it becomes very easy to repost content. It allows you to increase your reach, as well as your engagement. All that without creating any new form of content.

  • Boost your Brand by Promoting a New Product through Carousel Posts.

When your brand launches an exciting new product, sharing just a single picture is not enough. Through Instagram carousels, you can share more pictures & close-ups. Alongside the texts which enables you to portray your product at its very best. Thereby getting a good name for your brand. 

Now that we have briefed you in with how to convert text content into carousel posts & why it’s necessary to do. So all you need to do now is to get started.

Go to, and create seamless carousels easily.

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