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Transforming your text, posts, or blogs into engaging carousels has become effortless with just one click using our text to carousel tool. Here’s how you can utilize this tool:

Step no. 1

Begin by clicking on the text to carousel tool from the toolbar and enter the text you want to add to your carousel.

Step no. 2

Type out your text or copy and paste it from your source.

Step no.3

If you’re typing out your text then you have to add [space – – – space] to break the text between different slides or to add your text to a new slide.

You can do this by clicking “shift+enter” or clicking on “Add – – -”. You can call it a slide separator. 

Alternatively, if you’re pasting your text, Contentdrips will automatically detect different paragraphs and break them into separate slides.

Step no.4

Once you’re done, click on “Make this carousel” and witness your text come to life.

Important note

Make sure the main text boxes on each slide have the property of “placeholder” selected.

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