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Carousel Maker

Make carousel posts for LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook Ads within your browser.

Create your first carousel

Edit multiple things with just one click.

One of the most power feature is that you can edit same elements like your name, photo and social handle across your template with just one click.

One Canvas!

You get a one large seamless canvas. You can paste anything on it to create seamless effects for your carousels.

Premade Templates.

There are pre made templates which you can use to get started. You can edit them & save it for your account. You can also publish your designs publicly.

linkedin instagram carousel templates

Smart Clone

Clone anything to the next slide at same position with just 1-click. This will save ton of your time.

One point color editors

Edit all same colored objects from just one point. It's like magic.

Share & Share Designs

Save your design and edit that design for later. You also have option to publish your design publicly.

Zip (PNGs) for IG carousels PDF for linkedIn carousels
share linkedin carousel templates

Time spent using Photoshop/Illustrator.

15 mins

Using Contentdrips Carousel Maker.

2 mins

Few Carousel Ideas for you.

Turn your Twitter Threads into carousel posts

Turn your blogposts into carousel posts for LinkedIn & IG

Turn any long form of text content into a carousel post.

Your each podcast episode should have a carousel post.

Why Carousels?

Carousels are growing. Recently Twitter also added Carousel for their advertisers. They perform much better because they are interactive and visually more appealing. It also gives you more creative freedom. A recent study of over 22 million IG posts, finds carousels are the most engaging type of content.

So Contentdrips Carousel Maker makes it easier for you to design seamless carousels just from your browser. You should definitely go heavy on carousels.

Why use this tool?

Great question! I've tried carousels on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and even Canva. Adobe softwares are desktop softwares they require some level of skills. I tried Canva for some weeks, but problem was that it was not built for carousels. I had a really hard time getting everything done perfectly as it's not one canvas.

Plus these tools are not smart, they lack some parts of automations. For e.g in Contentdrips it takes your profile once like name, avatar, handle and website url. Now these all information can be updated from one point.

Let's make a carousel post

Carousel posts works really well on LinkedIn.

Create Carousel