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About Us

Contentdrips is a simplest & fastest content creation tool built for personal brands.

Why I started it

So I built this tool for myself first. It started with just photos tool, because I wanted to post a image every single day which have a quote, my picture and my branding on it. So I built this tool with my developer. Now it can get me a post like that on just 1-click. That's where the idea started.

Goal is to give a piece of content in much faster and easier way

How you started it?

I started this as a side project when I started working at a full time job at a local marketing agency. Due to some reasons I had to quit that job. So for the past 4 months it's my full time project now. It's self funded so far.

I share my startup journey on Twitter @im_usamakhalid. You should definetely follow me.

Our Team

JK. it's just me. 😆

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Usama Khalid
CEO (Chief Everything Officer)
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Senior Engineer
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Usama K
Creative Head