Embed API

Integrate a full-fledged social media post designer into your website with just a few lines of code. Allow your users to create carousels or any sort of graphic easily!

Embed API allows you to integrate the full capabilities of a design tool into your website within a few minutes.

How it works?

Grab your client ID

You apply for access to the Embed API and specify the capabilities you are seeking. Once approved, you receive your client ID.

Integrate the code

We give you a simple Javascript library that you can include in any webpage to initiate Contentdrips. It’s really simple

That's it

Once all this done! You’re ready to go. Our team will be with you to give you any sort of support. This could be new features as well.

White label completely

Make the editor experience completely yours. We can add your branding across the editor to make it completely yours.

Unlock more revenue

Our Embed API is super flexible! Want to unlock premium features for your paid customers? Yes. You can do that & unlock more revenue! This makes our Embed API better than anyone in the market.

Hundreds of templates

We have hundreds of templates for carousels, listicles & many different kinds of templates

linkedin carousel templates library

Elements Library

Our element library is perfectly designed for everyone’s personal brand. Great for sharing social media content.

elements for carousels linkedin

More than a carousel maker

This gives you that creative freedom that makes designing process so much faster for you.

linkedin carousel maker

AI Features

Make all AI features available to your users. We also allow you to use your own OpenAI key.

Integrate Contentdrips On Your Website