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Turns any text into carousel post

On just few clicks turn your Twitter thread or any text content into a carousel post for LinkedIn & IG.

How it works?

Text To Carousel is one of the most powerful feature which is added to our Carousel Maker tool. It gives you a textfield in which you can write or paste any text content. That text content will be automatically placed on each slide. It will resize the text and create more slides if necessary all by itself.

Carousel Maker

What is it for?

This is built for content repurposing. Someone who writes lot of text content like Tweets. You can use it repost any text content for LinkedIn & IG as a carousel post. Carousel post performs better than all other types of post.

How to use it?

It will appear in bottom left corner of Carousel Maker tool. First make sure the primary text on your template is removed. As this creates new text objects by itself. Now you just need to write or paste your text content.

Some content ideas for you.

Repost your tweets on LinkedIn & IG as a carousel post.

Turn your blogposts into carousel posts for LinkedIn & IG

Turn any long form of text content into a carousel post.

Transcribe videos, summarize those and make a carousel for it.

Carousel Posts for LinkedIn & IG.

Let's make a carousel.

On LinkedIn, carousel post performs much better.

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