Create LinkedIn Carousels with AI

Create engaging and beautiful LinkedIn carousels with AI

Packed with AI features

A carousel maker that is full of simple, smart and powerful, AI features.
Perfect for creating engaging LinkedIn carousels with ease.

Type in your topic

Contentdrips AI can generate LinkedIn carousel posts using AI. Simply write your topic & select the “a carousel post” option, then click on “Generate”.

AI for your carousel

The AI will the write your carousel’s content, complete with line breaks and information based on your topic. With the help of our ‘Text to Carousel’ feature it will apply the content to the carousel.

Enhance text with AI

Improve the writing of your text, make it punchier, condense it, rephrase it and even fix any grammar mistakes with our Contentdrips AI.

AI Image generator

No more struggling with prompts, just write your topic or even your prewritten paragraph. and our AI will create a relevant visual to go with it.

Why choose Contentdrips?

Various Templates

Choose from hundreds
of handmade, original and
exclusive templates.

Designed for Carousel

Contentdrips has been designed to make visually appealing and engaging carousel posts for you.

100% Customizable

Tailor your carousel post as you wish, start from scratch to craft your own unique template.

AI-Driven Carousel Creation

Boost Your Engagement Tenfold with LinkedIn Carousels!