Turn Tweets or Threads into Carousel Posts

Create carousel posts from your Twitter content within seconds.

How it works?


Pick carousel template


Paste your Tweet link


Download your PDF & PNGs

Easily repurpose your Twitter content for LinkedIn & Instagram

Turn a single tweet or a long Twitter thread into a carousel post for your LinkedIn & Instagram. Repurposing content helps you get more reach for your same content. Save time by using our tool to make carousel posts.

It is fast, easy & smart

Just give your tweet/thread URL. It will automatically create slides for each tweets and it arrange the text size to make it look perfect for you. So you require very minimum edits.

Why you should turn your Twitter threads into a carousel post?

Repurpose content

Redistribute your high performing Twitter content for your LinkedIn & Instagram.

Get better reach

Carousel posts performs better on LinkedIn & Instagram. They are considered high value post.

More readable content

These posts are interactive and much more readible. They are easier to consume.

Get more out of your Twitter content

Let's repurpose your tweets/threads into carousel posts for LinkedIn & IG