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7 Free (but unique) LinkedIn Banner Templates

Today we’re bringing you LinkedIn banner templates that’ll surely make your LinkedIn profile shine.

These banner templates have been professionally made by our designers for LinkedIn user who want to create a personal brand for themselves and build a following.

Let’s get started. But before that, Let’s discuss

What makes a great LinkedIn banner?

  1. Clear and readable text.
  2. Use contrasting colors for visibility.
  3. Include a compelling call-to-action (CTA).
  4. Be specific in your message.
  5. Offer value.
  6. Showcase social proof or testimonials.
  7. Keep it updated regularly.
  8. Keep it simple yet impactful.
  9. Be unique to stand out.

LinkedIn banners are super important for your LinkedIn profile. It’s the first thing people see when they click on your name, so it really needs to blow them away and make them click the follow/connect button.

To have that effect you not only have to have an eye-catching and unique banner but also a banner that shows them what benefit they will receive if they follow you.

So pick out the best thing you provide to your followers on LinkedIn and add that to your banner to give it that final boost which will make people jump to click follow.

Now onto the templates.

LinkedIn banner templates:

1. Dark Neon

Simple and classic design, which draws viewers eyes directly to the CTA.

2. Daniel

A professional design that gives a cohesive look by pointing the viewer to the “Connect” button.

3. Yellow bee

A vibrant design, that’ll surely make the viewer stop and check out your profile.

4. Reasons

The most professional looking template that not only includes branding but also a small intro and benefit.

5. Banner Gradient

Can’t decide? Just go for this one.

6. Purplish

An intro and a benefit, the basics of a good LinkedIn banner.

7. LinkedIn Banner Rays

Vibrant and straight to the point. You’ll definitely increase your connections with this one.

They’re Customizable!

You can customize these templates to fit your profile best. To do that you can add your branding, logo, cool visuals or add an images of yourself.

You should, however, add a benefit oriented CTA, your brand colors and style to create a more coherent profile look.

And for more information and inspiration check out our guide on how to find the right LinkedIn Banner for your profile.

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