New: We launched Contentdrips AI


NEW in Contentdrips: Custom AI Prompts, Image Frames, AI Post Maker & More

Custom prompts for AI text enhance:

Previous version of the AI text enhancer had prewritten options to select from. Now we’ve added a custom prompt option, where you can add your custom prompt for the text enhancer. It’ll use your prompt as a guide and transform the text accordingly.

AI post maker:

Introducing our latest feature, the AI Post Maker, designed to revolutionize your social media content creation. With this tool, simply input your content idea or existing text post, and watch as our AI craft and apply it across your chosen template.

Utilize the AI Post Maker tool by adding your topic, label the text boxes, choosing the desired tone, and hit “Generate” to produce engaging content in seconds.

Additionally, users can repurpose existing posts by selecting the “Existing Post” option, ensuring a continuous stream of fresh and captivating content for their audience.

New Elements API:

No more searching google for relevant elements and visuals. We’ve added new third-party elements that you can access by using the search and entering the keywords for the type of visual you are looking for.

Image Frames:

Now, when you’re creating your posts, you can easily add stylish frames to your designs. It’s a simple way to make your posts look even better.

New categories:

We’ve added four new template categories to our design tool! Alongside our existing templates, you can now find BuildInPublic, Screenshots, Infographics, and Listicles templates. It’s now easier than ever to create a variety of content types for your needs.


Sometimes, we have ideas, but we can’t immediately translate them into something tangible. That’s why we’ve introduced a shared notepad. You can use this space to jot down ideas for your social media posts.

These notes are shareable, meaning they’ll be visible to anyone working on the same team or project who views that design

Along with these cool updates. We’ve also fixed lots of bugs in the editor & improved the overall performance.

Give it a try now!

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