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Why is the Linkedin banner important?

Linkedin banner is one the first thing that a viewer sees and judges your profile according to it, so a special attention is required towards it. Having a professional Linkedin banner is vital. It helps you in getting more connections

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Tips for making a better LinkedIn banner

Make it actionable

Always add a CTA what you want to your visitors to do next after going through your profile.

Simple & Readable

Don't add too many things on it. Keep it simple & very readable. That works the best.

Talk Value

Tell people what you can do or what they should expect from you after connecting with you.

Make a LinkedIn banner with Contentdrips

Contentdrips offers what you just need. Find various linkedin banner templates with the option of customization and easy to edit tools with just one click. Find countless fonts combinations, colors, and other editing tools to assist you.

Now, create personalized banners with an immense amount of ease that compliments your linkedin profile and helps you in optimizing it.

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