Introducing Typedd

Create your personal blog with your social media posts in under a minute.

How to turn your posts into blogs?

Install the Chrome extension

Install the Typedd extension from this link

Select your post

Select the Typedd icon on your post.

Hit publish!

Make any edits you want and hit publish.

The best content repurposing chrome extension

Easily and quickly publish your LinkedIn posts & Twitter threads as your blog posts – without moving to a new page.

A new way to blog

It’s so much less overwhelming. A new clean and calm approach to blogging.

We split your blog into slides for a more story like format. This lets people to read much more easily.

Rather than let those posts disappear into the void, you can extend their shelf life by curating them onto a Typedd blog. So your content gets a second wind in the form of SEO traffic.

Import social media post

Twitter threads & LinkedIn posts

Use our Chrome extension to easily import your Twitter threads & LinkedIn posts as blog posts.

Repurposing content saves time and maximizes your reach.

Add social meda links

All your social links in one place

Include your social media links on your page to provide additional ways to connect.

Think of it as your compact link-in-bio website. A personal space to share content.


Detailed metrics on readers

Access built-in analytics for your blogs to gain insights into your audience.

View page statistics, visitor data, referrers, clicks, and more details about your content.

Social previews

For increased engagement

Create engaging social preview images for your blog posts when shared on social media.

It boost your click-through rate and improves your online visibility.

Built-in SEO

Easy organic growth

We take care of optimizing meta-tags for your posts to improve performance and SEO ranking.

Just concentrate on writing and sharing your content – we handle the rest.

Lead magnet

Generate leads with blogs

Turn your audience into valuable leads by including lead magnets in your blogs.

Build a following for your personal brand or business by sharing quality content and valuable resources, creating a customer base that can be monetized.

Subscription forms

1-click subscription process

Keep your audience engaged by providing a simple way for them to subscribe to your content.

With just one click, readers can get updates sent directly to their inbox, ensuring they stay notified of your latest posts.

It's time to start your personal blog journey

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