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10 Perfect Twitter thread to LinkedIn carousel templates

As savvy marketers and content creators, we understand the importance of maximizing our efforts by repurposing content across various platforms.

What better way to repurpose content than repurposing Twitter threads into carousels for LinkedIn?

Stick around and we’ll show you 10 visually appealing Twitter thread to LinkedIn carousel templates.

Designed by our team, these visually appealing templates offer a seamless way to share your expertise and ideas with your LinkedIn audience.

Elevate your online presence, spark meaningful conversations, and optimize your content strategy.

Join us as we explore these captivating carousel templates, designed to make a lasting impact.

1. Threads


This template maybe simple but its smooth gradient makes it look very visually pleasing. Guaranteed to earn you views.

2. Tweets to LinkedIn

Tweets to LinkedIn

This color will catch your audiences attention with the first glance. They won’t be able to looks away.

3. Tweet taxi

Tweet taxi

A taxi yellow carousel for a classic look. It’ll make the tweets pop out to the viewers.

4. Twitter threads mobile

Twitter Threads Mobile

A phone within a phone? Phone-ception.

This intriguing template will surely make your audience’s thumbs stop in their tracks.

5. Twitter cards flex

Twitter cards flex

Yes, yes we’re obsessed with Twitter.

6. Orange box

Orange box

When everyone is making beige and colorless posts be the one who makes colorful content. You’re carousel will surely stand out.

7. Twitter thread blobs

Twitter Thread blobs

One of the main points of our checklist for making effective carousel is to use a mix of visuals and texts.

8. Tweet mesh

Tweet Mesh

They look like flower petals floating in the air. Who doesn’t like that?

9. Twitter light

Twitter light

We had to add a basic one. After all you can’t beat classic.

10. Twitter threads dark

Twitter threads dark

Another classic. Make your carousel look super professional with this classic, sleek black template.

These Black and white template are staple, a must need for daily content creation.

Bonus Tips:

  • Add your image in between first and second slide.
  • Mention “Swipe left” on the first slide.
  • hook should be catchy!

Go ahead and try out these beautiful template and see your impressions skyrocket. 🚀

And as always, tag us in your designs. We’d love to see what you create with these templates.

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