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Importance of Twitter GIFs: How do GIFs boost Twitter Engagement?

GIFs for Twitter Engagement

Sick of boring blocks of text and static images? It is where GIFs come in to revive your engagement on Twitter. These looped animations are short and to the point. And hence, they do not demand too much cognitive effort. Contrary to common beliefs, they are not just used for humorous purposes. Instead, they are ideal for delivering short messages with the help of appealing visuals.

In an increasingly visual world, you need a marketing strategy that delivers your message with an extra flair and doesn’t take up too much of your viewers’ time either.

Here are a few reasons why your followers deserve a break from the constant flux of words and how this feature benefits you simultaneously.

Increasing Click-Throughs

In the endless stream of static tweets, animated GIFs are highly likely to stand out and attract the user’s attention even for a mere second, enough to drive twice as much engagement on the post. 

It has been proved that tweets with animated GIFs get 167% more click-throughs than tweets with static engagement. One reason behind this is that Twitter allows GIFs to autoplay on your feed, automatically giving them more reach even if you just scroll by the post. It also leads to more views and retweets, further extending the impact of your tweet.

Developing a Brand

Now imagine the difference that a simple GIF can make for your personal brand or business. It creates a visually-stimulating experience for your audience. Hence, it holds a competitive edge over generic static posts. 

It is a common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in that case, a GIF must be worth a million! These posts allow more creativity in design and animation, which helps explain complex concepts that the audience would not understand otherwise. Motion proves to be a more effective and efficient way of communicating a process as compared to a still picture.

GIFs share more emotion and reduce the cognitive load on a user. It makes your brand easier to remember. A GIF allows the brand to develop a human connection with the user, which stands out in the monotonous daily intake of useless information. All this helps reinforce your brand identity and proves as the most simple yet effective marketing tool on Twitter today.

Displaying Statistics

No matter how proud you are of your business’ performance or how amazed you are by an interesting fact, your viewers will not care or bother looking twice at the numbers that you post. The reality is that posts including statistics receive minimum engagement as no one is interested in boring numbers.

Want to display important statistics and make your audience see them through your eyes? GIFs can help you achieve just that. A catchy text animation will add the spice that your statistics need. This way you can use supporting stats in your tweets without taking away the user’s attention.

Maximising Reach

At times, there is some information that can be delivered and understood through static text, but you can drive up twice as much engagement if you are willing to make the extra effort to create a GIF instead. Fret not, as Contentdrips has made this process easier than ever!

Ever wondered how to convert Twitter threads into carousel posts? The Tweet to Carousel feature on Contentdrips allows you to repurpose your content on LinkedIn. It means all you have to do is copy-paste your tweet or its thread URL in the given text box, and a new carousel post will be just one click away.

Still not satisfied with your content? Fortunately, Contentdrips has also launched a feature that allows you to create custom Twitter GIFs. It means you can not only repurpose your tweets on LinkedIn but also convert them into GIFs! The process remains just as simple as the one mentioned before. You must copy-paste your tweet link, choose your desired text animation, and then export it as a GIF. The animation styles include text fade, line-by-line reveal, typewriter, etc.

Building Curiosity

Your GIF will be catchy and concise, but it doesn’t necessarily have to disclose your message completely. You want to leave your audience coming back for more! The best way to do that is to create a hook that creates excitement for the actual topic of conversation.

Incorporating GIFs into your marketing strategy strengthens your brand profile and builds hype around something that you want to highlight in front of the audience. Text GIFs might not be the fanciest form of GIF, but you can achieve the desired anticipation for your posts if you smartly utilize the continuous loops and interchanging of lines to create impact.

GIFs on LinkedIn get eight times more reach than any other type of post. With minimal effort and energy required to create these posts, what else could you be waiting for?

Hundreds of pre-made templates and animated GIFs await you on Contentdrips. Join now to get the most out of your existing tweets and grow your audience on new channels.

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