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LinkedIn Algorithm 2022 is Easy. It’s You.

LinkedIn Algorithm 2022

LinkedIn Algorithm 2022 won’t be tough to figure for you. That’s partially because we’ve got it decoded already.

And partially because LinkedIn has changed its ways for good.

Currently, LinkedIn is prioritizing nothing but originality.

  • You don’t have to be fancy.
  • You don’t have to be an award-winning professional in your industry.
  • And no, you don’t need to have 5+ years of LinkedIn experience.

All you need to do is just be you. Dedicatedly.

How so – let’s look into it together.

Update 2022: LinkedIn Scans Your Profile

Updating your profile is step one to being your truest self and syncing your LinkedIn profile with it.

Update your brand’s personality.

Your brand personality is represented by your preferred color scheme, set of fonts, nature of posts, logo, profile picture, and header.

LinkedIn experts suggest it’s best to stick to one theme throughout your LinkedIn journey. It helps your audience recognize you instantly.

However, if things have changed lately and you’ve got a different set of preferences now, take the jump. Make the switch. If you continue to stick with things that do not reflect you, you’re likely to sound fake and uncomfortable. And that, my friend, will give you away.

Update Your Summary

The summary is a 2000 characters long section on your LinkedIn profile where you should talk about yourself and your services. Some people enjoy mentioning their life stories as it humanizes their profile.

It’s best to update this section every year. That’s because with each passing year you have a new lot of achievements and milestones defining you. Include them in your summary. Talk about what 2021 added to you. Talk about what more you can offer to your community.

Make sure that you use keywords related to your industry.

Update Your Experience & Achievements

Over 2021, you might’ve tried newer skills and tasks. You might’ve explored newer domains. Whether you did so in terms of academics or in the form of a job, add it to your LinkedIn profile.

It’s true that LinkedIn doesn’t need to know everything about you. But if you can put your positive and growth-related experiences out on display, they might come in handy. List down your newly earned licenses and certifications.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be big. Every skill of yours counts.

Update Your Recommendations & Endorsements

Although LinkedIn did not prioritize this previously, LinkedIn has begun scanning profiles as per endorsements and recommendations as well. If you have been endorsed & recommended for your claimed skill, LinkedIn will push your profile forth in that domain.

Say you claim you’re an expert at web development. And your former work partners have endorsed and recommended you for the job. LinkedIn will push your profile forth in search queries for Web Developers. Companies seeking to hire web developers will easily come across your profile.

What wins LinkedIn’s heart?

You have a solid profile. That’s cool.

But that’s not enough. You’ve to go an extra mile to get LinkedIn’s attention.

#1. Your Activity

LinkedIn notices how much time you spend on the platform. And LinkedIn measures your time on the platform by means of engagement.

They don’t care if you’re logged into your account 24/7, browsing the content now and then, and scrolling through your feed. They need evidence of your time spent here.

For that, you need to react, comment, and interact with people. Leave comments on posts generously and react to the posts you see.

Note that pointless commenting will only lead to people blocking you or unfollowing you. It will cause irreparable damage to your reputation. So, better stick to meaningful comments.

Your activity also includes sharing posts of your own. These should be:

  • Frequent
  • Value-adding
  • Backed with visual media

Read this to learn how to craft super engaging posts.

#2. Your Authenticity

If you:

  • Comment Agreed /  Thanks for Sharing / Insightful share.
  • Share a funny animal video.
  • Share a good-performing post with #copied.
  • Create a poll about your favorite milkshake.

We can all sense your desperation for attention. You’re trading value and originality for attention.

It wouldn’t have been as much of a bad news if LinkedIn didn’t see it.

But the truth is LinkedIn sees it too.

LinkedIn notices what impact you are having upon people.  If it’s bad, the algorithm demotes you.

So, rest assured, your genuinity will win attention automatically.

Some of the best ways to be your authentic self are to:

  • Share posts that include your opinion/learnings.
  • Share pictures of yourself or the ones that you clicked.
  • Speak in first person.
  • Don’t join every group. Join selectively as they represent your interests.

At this point, most people have questions regarding how real they should be on LinkedIn. Here’s Geni Cor’s take at it. It’ll help you get a clear idea.

LinkedIn Algorithm 2022

#3. Your Dedication

You’re trying to be active on LinkedIn. But are you trying enough?

On average, you should spend at least 30 minutes on LinkedIn mindfully. Certainly, the greater you spend time here, the more you’ll achieve. But that’s practically impossible because you’ve to work as well.

Hence, just focus on keeping yourself dedicated for at least 15 minutes of LinkedIn on a daily basis. Do not rupture your routine with week-long breaks. It will bring you back to point zero.

What else can you do to acquire better reach?

Here are two additional measures to conquer LinkedIn Algorithm 2022:

Stop Sharing External Links

LinkedIn wants you and your audience to stay on their platform. They don’t want you to slip away.

So, it’s best not to share external links in your posts. And by external links we refer to HTML objects that redirect you to a different platform. 

Posts with external links are automatically pushed down because they’re leading users outside of LinkedIn.

Follow People & Companies

The LinkedIn algorithm is not concerned with how many people or companies you follow. But it’s still going to land you massive organic growth on LinkedIn because it’s going to provide you more exposure. With more exposure, you’ll be able to produce relevant content. 

Wrap Up

Remember, LinkedIn is an intelligent social media platform. It’s perhaps the smartest professional networking platform. And so, you’ve to operate intelligently to win LinkedIn Algorithm 2022.

Keep your time on LinkedIn minimal but mindful. Do not invest time and energy in researching and creating posts. We don’t need that. Just be yourself and share with the intent of helping others out.

That’s literally it!

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