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3 Proven Ways to Boost Visibility on LinkedIn

Ways to Boost Visibility on LinkedIn


Most LinkedIn beginners want to expand their network and maximize their reach. They wish to acquire the best of visibility.

If you identify yourself as a beginner, this post is for you. Here I’ll list down some quick and easy ways to boost visibility on LinkedIn.

But before I get to it, I need you to know one thing:

You cannot win at LinkedIn unless you are someone.

And by that, I mean you have to have a personality. If you haven’t begun with your career yet, you ought to have a vision for it.

You have to have some goals and ambitions. You ought to have a purpose.

If you don’t, I regret to inform you: LinkedIn is not the platform for you.

Aimless browsing and networking on LinkedIn are not only boring but also quite useless. It won’t get you anywhere. It won’t gain you any visibility.

So before you proceed to read ahead, give yourself a moment of clarity: are you someone?


#1. Use the 40 Characters of the Headline

The easiest way to boost visibility on LinkedIn is to optimize your headline. It is the text that is displayed right below your name.

LinkedIn permits 120 characters for this part of your profile. But it’s the first 40 that determine your visibility’s fate.

These 40 characters are what people see when you leave a comment, react, or publish a post.

So, communicate who you are and/or what do you do in the first 40 characters only. Ensure that it’s compelling for the right audience.

Here’s a good example:

Product Marketing Manager, Growth, Google Pay

And here’s a bad example:

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Socials Specialist I Growing Brands Online I Funky Sock Addict ?

The first 40 characters should answer either all three of these or at least on

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why should people connect with you?

It’s best if you could answer all three within the first 40 characters.

#2. Write a Direct Summary

The summary is the About section on LinkedIn. LinkedIn lets you use 2000 characters for this. And I encourage you to use each bit.

Your summary section basically sums up what you do and what you’ve got to offer to anyone who visits your profile. Make sure you’re very clear about your skills and expertise. Let them know what you’ve got in store for them.

With that said, you can also use your About section to boost your visibility by 10x.

How so?

Nail the first three lines.

The first three lines appear before the see more part of your About section. It’s what your profile visitors see immediately.

Compel them to click on that see more feature by condensing the best things about you in the first three lines. Ensure that you include a keyword too. You can take inspiration from Austin Belcack:

LinkedIn Visibility
Austin Belcak

You read the first three lines and know what he does and how you can help yourself with his services. Only those interested in his services, experience, and industry will click to see more.

If you find direct statements too boring, intrigue your reader. Hook them, invite them, compel them.

There are no hard and fast rules – just focus on creating a compelling factor within the first three lines of your LinkedIn summary.

#3. Engage with your Network

Here’s the last of the ways to boost visibility on LinkedIn, i.e., engage with your network.

In my previous posts, I have emphasized this over and over: leave meaningful comments. Generously.

Doing so keeps you from becoming a dormant or sleeping member of the network (which is highly undesirable if you wish to be successful at LinkedIn). It keeps you active and adds to your recognition.

Now, here’s another benefit of interacting via LinkedIn comments: it increases your visibility significantly. When you leave a comment on a post, it shows up on the feeds of your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. If it’s a meaningful comment, they’d likely like to know you more. And if you’ve followed the two tips given above, they might as well connect.


Play it Smart

Competition on LinkedIn is quite very high and specific on LinkedIn. It’s not as easy to compete here as it is on Instagram.

You can’t win with only visual aesthetics here. You have to pair it up with intelligent moves.

With that said, I hope you put the intelligent moves listed above, i.e., ways to boost visibility on LinkedIn effectively and thoroughly.

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