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Growing a personal brand on LinkedIn is uncomfortable!

LinkedIn Growth

Should I be myself on LinkedIn or do what works?

This is a question that most thought leaders might find themselves struggling with. Whether you coach, create, or market – you might come to a point where your LinkedIn Growth doesn’t at all align with who you are.

Moral quandary. Existential Crisis. Marketing Dilemma.

Isn’t it?

They say: being yourself helps your business grow.

But what if you’re not comfortable contributing to the sea of carousels? What if you don’t want to take the lane that everyone’s rushing to?

What do you do?

Well, here’s a word from the leading LinkedIn coaches of 2021, i.e., Geni Cor:

Do what works OR do what you feel comfortable with?

This has been the topic that has ruled the week inside of my program.

A lot of my clients were saying they don’t feel comfortable doing polls/carousels.

Because everyone does them.

And they can become quite useless.

But they are good for engagement.


Here’s the harsh truth:

It is not about doing what you feel comfortable with.

It is about doing what WORKS and CONVERTS.

Would you not do Carousels/polls (even if they convert) because you do not feel comfortable with them?

If the answer is yes, you are hurting your business growth.


There are so many ways to go around this:

If you do polls just to get more engagement, then most likely you will never get any good leads and clients out of it.

If you do carousels because LinkedIn favours them and you get more views, you’ll get more views.

But views does NOT mean CLIENTS.
Engagement does NOT mean CLIENTS.

Both can be useless if you don’t have a conversion strategy behind them.

So is polls.

So is posting 5 times per week just for the sake of posting.

Have a strategy behind EVERYTHING you do on LinkedIn.

That’s how you are going to make the most out of your content and this platform.

About Geni Cor:

Geni Cor is a LinkedIn Coach helping consultants & coaches build a 6-figure personal brand on LinkedIn by monetizing their audiences. She writes about personal brand and everything related to LinkedIn content.

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