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5 Unique LinkedIn Post Ideas

Linkedin Post Ideas

Searching LinkedIn post ideas?

Well, we’re glad to have you here. 

We know putting out content on LinkedIn one day after another can rob you out of ideas. It literally sucks the life out of your brain cells – we get the struggle.

On that very note, here we’ve listed five unique LinkedIn content ideas. So, you can give yourself a break. The ideas below will help you bridge the gap in your content calendar while you get some rest. 

And, of course, they’d help spike up the attention that your profile is currently receiving! 🙂

Share a Moment of Utter Failure

LinkedIn is all about sparkling success. This explains why posts about utter failure often tend to get a lot of attention.

A survey suggests 83% of brands that prioritize inclusivity & diversity tend to yield an above-average consumer performance. And the point of mentioning this here is to highlight the reflex human response to diversity.

It always engages your audience.

So, when you interrupt their sparkling success feed with an odd-one-out failure post, they’re likely to stop scrolling and pay attention.

Just make sure that you provide value with your failure story. A lesson, a newer perspective, a tip, or a hack, perhaps.

Tip: Narrow down your post to the exact scenario. Talk about what did you lose/gain and how did it impact your career & your career growth.

Share What You Look Like Behind-the-Scenes

When browsing your LinkedIn feed, if you come across a post that talks about someone enjoying their vacation from work, someone cleaning up the mess their room’s become after a hectic day, or someone getting married – you’re likely to pause there.

Instinctually, you’d wonder: what on earth is this doing on LinkedIn?

You’d be intrigued to know more. And possibly engage with the post for better or for worse (depending on the content shared).

But this touch of the real you could add a much-needed change to your feed. It humanizes your feed and adds a bit more off-work (and real) life to your static business feed. 

Some ideas for such posts include:

  • Recounting an exceptional night out with friends 
  • Something cool & interesting about your pet
  • Off-work achievements (such as those in your hobbies)

Just ensure that you keep it precise and back it with a picture.

Share Super Specific Tips

Posting tips and hacks are the most common LinkedIn content ideas. You’d find almost every other industry expert sharing these.

Although these are value-adding and driven from experience, we’ve discovered most of such posts to be too generic to implement. Industry experts would mention things you should focus on, but they wouldn’t mention how you should focus on them. And that nullifies the entire value.

So, it’s best to provide highly specific tips. For example go for Use Carousel Posts instead of Post Content that Retains.

What makes this one of the most easiest LinkedIn post ideas in terms of execution is the fact that content for this post would come from your earlier posts. If you’ve shared knowledge on what works best for a certain goal earlier, craft a post on how it works better.

Here’s an example of a super-specific LinkedIn post designed using It’s simple, easy, specific, and effective.

Share an Unpopular Opinion

Yes – you read the title right. This idea comes from the fact that a contrary opinion is likely to get more attention than a similar one.

You’re likely to comment only Agreed on a post that’s plainly agreeable. It would take you thirty seconds.

But if you come across a post that brings a newer perspective, you’re likely to linger on it a bit longer than usual. You would feel the need to correct, appreciate, or acknowledge the new vision.

The same applies to your audience!


Share a Custom Meme

According to a recent analysis, Gen Z is treating LinkedIn more like a professional Instagram. You will still find quality content on here but in a funnier, light-hearted manner.

Initially, they make accounts giving in to peer pressure. But their retaliation to the toxic LinkedIn culture (i.e., unnecessary bragging) comes forth in the form of memes and parodies.

Owing to this new movement on the internet, custom memes are an excellent means of generating high engagement. You could create your own template using ContentDrips’ Social Snaps in five minutes or so.

Or you can use prepared templates available online. Just don’t forget to credit the source!

There’s no room for #copied.

The LinkedIn post ideas given above are meant to bridge the gap in your content calendar and add an innovative edge to your content. You can browse and take inspiration from those who are already practicing these (check out Usama Khalid’s LinkedIn account) – but, there’s no room for copying them dot by dot.

It will only annoy your audience to see the same content on their feed over and over again. Always add your custom touch to make your content unique and worthy!

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