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Create LinkedIn & Instagram Carousel Posts With AI

What better way to captivate your audiences attention than with unique and insightful carousel posts.

Now we all know the benefits of posting carousel posts on LinkedIn and Instagram, but we also know that they quite tedious to make.

So why not automate the process and have AI make it for you? That’s exactly what we did. Now with Contentdrips AI you can make carousels posts in minutes, and all you need to do is write your topic.

Here’s how it goes:

Select a template

Open Contentdrips, Log in. Then click on ‘Templates‘.
Here you will find hundreds of professional looking templates. Select a carousel template of your choice. And If you’re looking for something unique, try our exclusive templates, that only you can use and keep forever.

AI Assistant

Now on the canvas page, click on the AI Assistant.

Our AI assistant is here to make your content creation process easier and faster. It will help you generate different types of posts and even generate images based on your topic, paragraph or prompt.

back to the carousel, add your topic, select ‘A carousel post’ and then click “Generate”

Now that you have your content, to paste in onto your template:

  • Click on “Use” to use it on your template.
  • Click on “Regenerate” to refresh the result.
  • Click “Save it” to save the content in your library.
  • Click “Go back” to go back to the AI assistant.

Make this carousel

After clicking on “Use” It will redirect you to the ‘Text to carousel’ feature, where you can edit the text. Then click “Make this carousel” and that text will be applied to your template.

Add image or visuals of your choice (You can use Contentdrips AI image generator for that) and Download.

That’s it. You’ve got yourself a brand new, professional looking and informative carousel post.

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