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What are these new “Exclusive Templates”?

We just pushed a really exciting update on Contentdrips. Now we have limited usage exclusive templates. In this blog I will explain what are these and why we added these Exclusive Templates?

Exclusive templates

What are Exclusive Templates?

At Contentdrips, we offer a range of social media design templates to help our users create visually appealing content. However, we understand the importance of originality, and to encourage this, we’ve introduced a new feature called Exclusive Templates.

These templates are only available for users who have paid plans of Contentdrips.

Check out the screenshot below. The template has only five uses left. After that, it can’t be accessed by anyone else. Some templates are marked “1 of 1” and can only be used once by the first person to redeem them.

With our Exclusive Templates, you’ll have access to rare designs that make your social media content stand out.

Exclusive template with “Only 5 Left”

Why we made exclusive templates?

We want to promote uniqueness in our social media design tool, Contentdrips. We noticed on social media that many people use the same template designs repeatedly, which can make it difficult to stand out on social media. To combat this, we’ve added a new feature called Exclusive Templates.

Our Exclusive Templates are designed to be truly unique. To achieve this, we limit the number of times each template can be used.

Once a template has been used a certain number of times, it’s no longer available, ensuring that your social media content remains one-of-a-kind.

This will help them create content that’s more visually appealing and unique, making it easier to grab the attention oBy using Exclusive Templates, you can create content that stands out from the crowd, making it easier to attract and retain your target audience.

Go try them out:

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