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Top 10 Free Templates for Instagram Carousel

Instagram carousel templates

Recently, stepped foot into Instagram’s version of hunger games? Can’t figure what sort of Instagram carousel templates will put you ahead of others? Which ones will get you more followers? Better attention?

Well, here are our top ten picks to help you get a lead!

Top 10 Best Instagram Carousel Templates 

linkedin instagram carousel Wave Ocean

#1. Serene

If you’ve got some startling stats to share, then this template might just be for you. With its vibrant hues of blue, it maintains the interest of the reader and looks serious yet aesthetic on feed.

linkedin instagram carousel ToyHi

#2. Lime 

This particular template is ideal for younger audiences. The animatic character, presence of boxes, and leaves create a perfect frame in this Instagram carousel template. Hence, attracting viewers and increasing traffic to your profile.


Blue Hex

#3. Moody Blue 

Moody Blue features a blue-black tone. We recommend this one to entrepreneurs and people associated with research. It’s an ideal fit to share your findings with your audience, giving the text an edge of seriousness and authenticity.

linkedin instagram carousel templates

#4. Pastel Kawaii

Cute and aesthetic, this Instagram carousel template is idealistic for sharing some educational thoughts with your audience. The pastel blue and a hint of white make this template give your thoughts an optimistic and light-hearted edge.

linkedin instagram carousel Dark Direction

#5. Classy 

White text on black–this template will stop your audience’s scrolling for good. Just make sure you don’t overcrowd the slides.

templates for instagram

#6. Di-color 

The di-colored hues of this carousel take things to the next level by making your thoughts stand out. Having used light colors on a dark background, this carefully curated Instagram carousel focuses the reader’s attention on your words.

carousels templates online

#7. Tumblr Aesthetics 

For all your cool quotes, tips, and life-talk, this template is a perfect fit. Type in what’s up on your mind and post to know if your audience is on the same page.

Green Lime

#8. Green Monochromatic 

This monochromatic Instagram carousel is perfect for people who wish to maintain uniformity on their feed. The selection of light and dark shades of green, coupled with slight geometry, gives the carousel a nice feel.

linkedin instagram carousel Pink Forward

#9. Red Monochromatic


Featuring a mix of pinks and deep reds, our red monochromatic is good for an all-text post. You could add pictures and videos if you feel like it.

by NeonBlob

#10. Bold Contrasts 

Do you want your post to outshine all others and grab everyone’s focus? Well, then this bold Instagram carousel template is all you need. The template uses a bold contrast of green and black that looks simply amazing!

All of these templates are available for free at: Templates

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We, at ContentDrips, figured that it’s best to enlist our top-performing Instagram carousel templates for you. Since you’re only starting your journey on Instagram, you may already have too much on your plate. Designing one from scratch will consume loads of your time, creativity, and resources, and so it’s best to get started with these. 

Not only will you have a variety to choose from, but the engagement rate will boost up dramatically, especially if you’ve got an account with less than 5000 followers. So, if you like any of these, begin customizing the template here. Or discover more free Instagram carousel templates here. Good luck!

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