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The perfect carousel generator for your LinkedIn. Make beautiful carousels with ease.

100+ Templates

Save valuable time by effortlessly selecting one, adding your content, or utilizing our repurposing features. It’s all about simplicity and efficiency!

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We offer elements designed explicitly for your LinkedIn carousels. Use them in your social media posts to boost your carousel’s effectiveness.

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Infinite Canvas

Our infinite canvas allows you to create those seamless carousel effects very easily. It also allows you to preview and edit faster.

linkedin carousel maker


Use our tool to convert your Twitter threads or any text content into an Instagram carousel post by just clicking a button.

Smart edits

Use ‘Smart Clone’ to easily clone content to the next slide. Automatic text resizing to prevent overflow. Explore many other features like these.

Create carousels with AI

We recently introduced Contentdrips AI. It allows you generate carousel posts using AI. Simply write the topic & it will generate content for you.

create carousels with AI

Carousel posts make your profile get 3x more views

Quick Content

Carousels break down condensed info into slides, delivering maximum value in minimal time.

Visually Rich Content

Carousels boast captivating colors and designs that hold your viewers’ gaze, ensuring they won’t scroll past your content unnoticed.

Increase Interactivity

Carousels entice viewers to swipe through until the last slide, increasing dwell time and keeping them hooked.

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