Good designers don’t use Canva.

It’s overused, recognizable….and too commercial.

Contentdrips is smart

To make the most, Canva expects you to know a few keyboard shortcuts and possess basic graphic design knowledge, and adjust stuff all by yourself. Well, we don’t. There’s a smart one-click solution for literally everything.

Contentdrips is easier

You don’t have the time to copy, paste, adjust, and decide which color looks more aesthetic. We know. There’s a huge library of pre-made designer templates. Just brand & use.

Built for personal brands

We created Contentdrips specifically for personal brands. Unlike Canva, which shows you irrelevant features and templates, we know what works for you and only show you the relevant options. This makes it easier for you to create effective content for your personal brand.

Create carousels with AI

We recently introduced Contentdrips AI. It allows you generate carousel posts using AI. Simple write the topic & it will generate content for you.

create carousels with AI

You personal brand needs exclusivity to stand out. We got you.

Exclusive designs

Make your designs so unique
they know it’s you at just
one glance

All prepared

Create stunning & personalized social media posts in under two

Easy to use

Smart one-click controls are will get everything in place. Relax the perfectionist in you.

Things you can't do with Canva

You can't turn a tweet into picture by pasting link.

You can't turn a Twitter thread into carousel by pasting link.

It won't add your branding on every template by itself.

It won't automatically auto tidy your design.

It won't automatically place your images in templates.

It won't let you turn your text content into carousels just by pasting text.

It won't give you templates that works just for personal brands.

In a nutshell. Contentdrips is simple, built for brands & have better features for not just creating but repurposing content as well.

Contentdrips is my go to. Canva does my head in with carousels how it views vertically when the design will be horizontal in LinkedIn. Within Contentdrips I can adjust premade templates.

Don’t be just another voice. Be a top voice.

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