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What To Post On LinkedIn As An Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur navigating this digital landscape, the question isn’t just about being present on LinkedIn but about making a meaningful impact.

Let’s dive into practical strategies, real-life examples, and simple yet effective approaches that will elevate your LinkedIn game and resonate with your professional network.

1. Entrepreneurial Stories (Single Image or Carousel):

Share snapshots of your journey. Think of it like a photo album for your business.

For instance, you could post a pic of your first-ever office space and a follow-up carousel showcasing key milestones like product launches or team expansions.


2. Celebrate Wins (Single Image, GIF or video):

Got a big achievement? Show it off! Post a picture of your team raising a toast or a GIF capturing the excitement.

For example, if you just hit a sales milestone, a snapshot of your team high-fiving is a winner.


3. Knowledge Drops (Text or Image Post):

Share quick insights from your experience. No need for jargon.

If you run a bakery, a simple post like “Baking Tip: Perfecting the Flaky Croissant – Patience is the Key!” can resonate well.


4. Behind-the-Scenes (Images or Video):

Pull back the curtain on your daily grind. Whether it’s a quick video of your team brainstorming or images of your workspace, this kind of post humanizes your brand.

For example, a video showing the making of your product adds a personal touch.


5. Progress Report:

Share your business’s progress, through numbers or analytics. Be sure to tag your company page and cofounders or even some valuable employees.

6. Engagement Posts (Text or Image Post):

Start a conversation. Share a funny or relatable work moment.

An example could be asking, “What’s your go-to coffee to power through Mondays?” Simple questions spark engagement.


7. Client Stories (Images with Testimonials):

Showcase happy clients. Post a picture of your product being used along with a quote from a satisfied customer.

It could be something like, “Loving the positive feedback from our clients on our latest project!”


8. Event Hype (Images, Carousel, or Video):

Promote your events or webinars. Share event details, perhaps a snapshot of the venue, or a short video teaser.

If you’re attending a conference, a post with your event pass and a brief caption creates anticipation.


9. Resource Sharing (Link or Image Post):

Share industry knowledge. If you read an insightful article, post it with a brief comment on why it caught your eye.

For instance, “Just came across this fantastic read on effective time management for entrepreneurs. What are your top tips?”


10. Gratitude (Text or Image Post):

Express appreciation. Thank your team or clients.

For example, a post saying, “Grateful for the hard work of my team on our latest project. Couldn’t have done it without you!” adds a personal touch.


11. Company Culture (Images or Video):

Give a glimpse into your workplace. Share pictures of team events or achievements.

For instance, a post showcasing your team celebrating a work anniversary or a casual Friday get-together portrays your company culture.


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