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Cheapest Canva Alternative

Do you use Canva on a daily basis? or just casually? Do you get so annoyed when they keep pushing premium plans on you? But you don’t want to pay 6.50$ a month for some premium features?

Well why not give Contentdrips a try. Enjoy premium features with the lowest price on the market.

Here’s all the premium features you will get in Contentdrips that you won’t get from Canva’s free plan.

Image background Remover:

You’ll receive unlimited usage of our newly improved image background remover.

Contentdrips AI Text Enhance

Enhance any text with our AI text editor. You can enhance your text by using:

Mix It Up:
Rephrase text.

Improve Writing:
Improve the quality and tone if your text.

Continue Writing:
Extends and increases your text.

Make it punchier
Elevates your words into attention-grabbing headlines.

Compresses it into a shorter version of itself.

Fix Grammar
Correcting any grammar mistakes that you may have made in your writing.

Contentdrips AI Text Generator

You will get access to creating content with our AI Post generator.

You can generate a wide range of post ideas that are fresh, interesting, and relevant to your chosen topic. Here are all the types of posts you can generate based on your topic:

Striking fact
A quote
A carousel post
Unpopular opinion
A question post
A tip/advice
List style post
Poll style
A prediction
Myth busting

Contentdrips AI Image generator

Just add in your topic/Headline or even a prompt and our AI will generate an original simple but striking visual for your post.

Magic Resize

You can custom resize your design or template for free. You can also resize your designs into

LinkedIn/IG Square
LinkedIn/IG Square – HD
Twitter Post
Twitter Post-HD
LinkedIn/IG Portrait
Tiktok & IG Reel

Text to Carousel

Unlike Canva, On Contentdrips you can paste your text directly onto our text-to-carousel feature and Contentdrips will automatically turn that text into a carousel post.

Tweet to carousel

Another Contentdrips original feature is that, If you use our content repurposing chrome extension you can repurpose your twitter threads into carousels super easily!

Smart Editing features

Auto Branding

Canva can’t auto brand your designs.

In Contentdrips, you save your profile and brand info and when you open any design or template, your branding is applied to it automatically.

Multi Text Edits

Contentdrips will detect all the text boxes that have the same text and when you decide to change one, it will ask if you want to “change the text everywhere?”, press yes and it instantly make those changes to the rest of the text boxes that have the same text.

Multi Element Shuffle

Similar to the Multi Text Edit, Multi element shuffle helps you shuffle and change multiple elements with one click.

You don’t have to select all the elements you want to change, just select one and all the other element that are the same will change too.

Auto Layout

This feature will make those repetitive edits so you don’t ‘have to.

When you’re writing your posts and your text gets longer or wider, Auto layout will automatically adjust the positioning and layout of the other elements and texts on that slide accordingly.

Publer & Socialbu

We’ve also integrated Publer and Socialbu into Contentdrips. So now you can post and schedule posts directly on your social media from Contentdrips.

24/7 Customer Support

We will provide you exceptional customer service, 24/7. We promise no bots here.

Usama and Farzeen will be available to reply to all of your Contentdrips related queries.

Neat features right?

And all this for only 4$!

So, if you’re tired of Canva’s constant push for premium plans and hefty subscription fees from other design platforms, Contentdrips offers a budget-friendly solution with impressive features.

From unlimited image background removal to AI-driven text enhancement and post generation, Contentdrips has it all.

Unique tools like Magic Resize, Text to Carousel, and Tweet to Carousel simplify design tasks. Smart editing features save time, and integration with Publer and Socialbu aids social media management.

Give it a try now and let us know if you have any feedback.

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