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7 LinkedIn Post Ideas for 7 days of the week

In this fast moving times, with AI breaking the internet, creating new and engaging content on LinkedIn has become even more difficult, and for that we’ve curated content ideas that you can use and reuse every week while gaining more followers and connections.

Prepare to embark on a week filled with enlightenment, empowerment, and entertainment.

Motivational Monday

Share motivational quotes, affirmations, or personal insights tailored to your niche. Or write a brief but empowering message that sets a positive tone for the week ahead.

Use a tone that is more relatable so that the post encourage readers to reflect on the message and apply it to their life.

How-To Tuesday

Write a detailed tutorial or guide related to your niche. Or break down a complex process into easy step-by-step guide, providing practical tips and solutions to common problems or FAQs.

Discussion Wednesday

Post a thought-provoking question or discuss a un-popular/controversial topic within your niche.

Encourage your readers to share their opinions and experiences in the comments to foster a sense of community and engagement around your social media brand.

Product/Service Spotlight Thursday

Highlight your product, service, tool, or software or a product that is related to your niche.

Or you could write a review of a different product that’s related to your content’s theme, discuss its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Make sure to include visuals to enhance the understanding for your viewers and increase engagement.

Behind-the-Scenes Friday

Show a glimpse of your work process, creative space, office, or the making of your products/services.

Share jokes, funny stories or challenges faced, and lessons learned. This will create a more personal connection with your audience.

Inspirational Saturday

Share success stories, quotes, or anecdotes related to your niche that can inspire and motivate your readers.

These could be stories of people who have achieved remarkable feats or your own personal experiences that have taught you valuable lessons.

Funday, Sunday

Create a lighthearted, entertaining post related to or around your niche.

This could include quizzes, polls, memes, or other interactive content that allows your readers to participate and engage in a more casual and personal manner.

Remember, regardless of your niche or style, these ideas can be adapted to fit the context of any topic or any field of specialty.


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Lastly, the most important point to take away from this blog is not just about making more engaging posts but also about sharing informative content that will be beneficial for your audience.

We hope you found inspiration from these ideas. Let’s make every day count!

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