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AI Powered Design Tools

Have you ever stopped to think about how much artificial intelligence is changing the game these days? It’s like having a super-smart sidekick for almost everything!

And guess what? The world of design is getting its own turbo boost from AI too. Imagine having tools that not only understand what you want but also add that extra oomph to your creativity.

We’re diving into the awesome realm of AI-powered design tools – where technology meets artistic genius.

Get ready to discover how these tools are going to take your designs to a whole new level.

1. Contentdrips:

At number one we have Contentdrips which has integrated AI in not only Text generation but also image generation.

To generate an image or visual for your post you can either add the topic or theme of your post and it will generate a relevant visual to go with it or select your prewritten paragraph and it will read it and understand the context of it and generate a relevant visual for it.

Contentdrips Image generator

Or if you want a specific image you can write in a prompt and it will follow it and give you a accurate image.

P.s it’s free right now.

2. Canva:

Canva has a AI picture editor that makes it easy to remove unwanted parts of your photos and keep the rest intact.  The image editor app uses AI to remove people and objects from your photos, adjust the color and lighting of specific areas, and generate an addition to your image based on the text prompt you provide. 

Canva’s new feature Magic Design (Beta) is a free AI powered design feature that lets you visualize your design ideas with a selection of refined templates based on your input.

Canva Magic Design

Canva also has an image generator, where you can add a prompt and it will create an image based on that prompt.

3. Microsoft designer:

The main thing you can do with Microsoft designer AI is that you type in the type of design be it a social media post or anything else and it will make it for you text and all, containing visuals relevant to your theme and keeping the style of your given idea. It will generate multiple designs which you can select from and customize further.

Microsoft Designer

4. Design.AI:’s has a AI powered font pairer. In which you add in the font that you want and where you want it, example: Header or body, and the tool will use AI to determine and generate complementary and similar fonts of that style.

They also have a AI powered color matcher which can create complementary color palettes with just your color or use their Image color extractor.

5. Adobe Firefly:

Adobe firefly is the newest and most ambitious use of AI in designing. Adobe firefly AI contains text to image, Generative fill in which you can change or remove selected items from any image seamlessly.

Adobe Firefly

It can also Extend the aspect ratio of your images by filling in the empty spaces with generative AI. You can also apply styles and effects to texts according to your prompts.

And lastly, you can also generate color variations of your vector artwork with Adobe Firefly’s AI.

6. Nvidia Canvas:

With Nvidia Canvas quickly generate backgrounds and transform basic brushstrokes into lifelike landscape images effortlessly.

It can assist you in crafting landscape paintings using the impressive power of NVIDIA GeForce® and NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs.

They also have an AI assistant which helps you draw real world elements like clouds and grass through lines and shapes the the AI model will fill in the elements. You can also swap out materials, changing snow to grass. Change your image from a winter wonderland to a tropical paradise.

Nvidia Canvas


In today’s fast-changing world, artificial intelligence (AI) is teaming up with design to bring us amazing new possibilities.

Take Contentdrips, which combines AI to make both words and pictures, or Canva’s clever tools to edit photos and create designs.

Microsoft Designer can even help make different designs and captions, while Design.AI and Adobe Firefly use AI for creating text, images, and colors.

Nvidia Canvas is like an artist’s helper, turning simple brushstrokes into beautiful scenes.

These design tools are supercharged with AI to help our creativity and change the way we make and imagine things.

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