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5 Best-Performing Free LinkedIn Carousel Templates for You


If you’ve only begun exploring carousel posts, go through this complete LinkedIn carousel guide. You definitely need to know a few technicalities to make the most of your carousel post.

If you’re well-versed and would like to get your hands on some epic carousel designs, browse through. Below I’ve listed five free LinkedIn carousel templates on ContentDrips. As of yet, these designs have brought our users groundbreaking reach.

We’ll keep updating this list as more of our carousel templates win the game for our LinkedIn creators.

#1. Transcending 

Transcending is an eight-slide carousel template featuring two colors:

  • Blue
  • Black

At a glance, the template appears minimalistic and rather plainBut that’s exactly what helps your content on carousels stand out.

Pair white fonts with a dark-colored base, and it stands out on a buzzy LinkedIn feed. We recommend this for sharing stories and experiences.

#2. Count Your Way Through 

Count Your Way Through is an excellent LinkedIn carousel template if you’ve to share:

  • Tips
  • Products
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Lessons
  • Daily-life takeaways
  • Key points from case studies

Certainly, you can add more to this list. Just make sure whatever you choose to mention can be counted or listed. Do not attempt breaking a story or experience into a numbered list. You readers will lose interest owing to the unnatural breakdown.

#3. Announcement 

Announcement template is designed with advertising needs in mind. It can come in handy when introducing a new product, launching a newsletter, creating an event, or sharing a major achievement. The contrast of white and yellow will naturally stop your network’s scrolling, and they’ll likely give your say a read. We’d ask you to use the default font style, color, and size with this one and keep your text minimal on each slide.  

#4. Buzz 

For any new ideas and thoughts, Buzz is a wonderful pick. It works well on both LinkedIn and Instagram. Content creators and influencers have loved it because of its simplicity and impact.

The whites of the template serve as a clean base. Any text or elements atop this base automatically pop out. Usually, white graphics perform much better than others, especially when paired with minimalistic complementing (but bold) shades!

#5. Leadership 

We’ve designed this template to help you showcase your entrepreneurial journey! Whether you’re leading your personal brand, your company, or a team, this template will help you vocalize your journey.

Its bright orange incites enthusiasm and energy in your readers. And that, in turn, will make your carousel post even more effective and powerful.

You can customize them!

The five free LinkedIn carousel templates listed above are ready to go live on your social channels. Just replace the dummy text with your own, save it on your device, and publish!

However, if you’d like to add more slides, reduce slides, change the colors, or add your own elements and images, you can do that too. Feel free to customize these templates as per your taste.

P.S. Browse more LinkedIn carousel templates here: Free Carousel Templates.


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