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How to post 1-piece of content everyday on social media? (Content Ideas)

content ideas 2021

Happy new year first of all. Hope this will be a better year.

So many people struggle in posting consistent content everyday on their social media. So I decided to put these content ideas which anyone can use whether you’re a marketer, startup founder, developer or designer.

This will be a week plan. Let’s start.


Post a Monday Motivational Quote style post, tweet or any video about it. Do this for every social media channel. Make sure you have your branding on top of it. If you’re posting some written text, turn it into a photo or video.

You can use Contentdrips Quote Photos & Video Maker tool to create those branded quote style posts with just few clicks or just screenshot the written text and post it on IG, LinkedIn & Facebook (if you still use it).


Share any tech news or blogpost or maybe comments your thought on it. You can use tools like to follow all the tech blogs in one place. This can be just a link to the blogpost or maybe screenshot the blogpost headline and add your thoughts on it.


Share any interesting facts or figures. These can be some marketing statistics of the current year. You can find it on many blogs like Hubspot. All data is just one from Google search away.

If you’re a developer. You can write about any line of code. For e.g. what’s the function of the code or what it does. Many developers post this type of content regularly.


It’s the day where we do content curation. Share someone else tweets or content & add your thoughts on it. You can do cross posting as well like screenshot someone else tweet & post it on LinkedIn with your thoughts on it.

One of my first post that went viral on LinkedIn was exactly like this. I screenshotted a tweet & shared my thoughts for it on LinkedIn.

This is another perfect example of it:


Friday is feedback Friday. Pick any of your favorite tool or any newly launched product. Try it out and write a feedback about it. You can use ProductHunt or Betalist to find newly launched products.

Take a screenshot of their app, write your feedback about it and tag them. By this way they usually share your post with their audience as well which gets you more eye balls.

If you want to make your screenshots look better on social media & annotate on them easily. I use Contentdrips Social Snaps tool. It’s free to use.


It’s end of the week. You can make a post about your week what did you accomplish, what were your goals or what you will be doing this weekend. This can be post about “Progress Update”.

If you’re doing a project. share about it’s progress. It’s called Build In Public. By this way you market, make content and get feedback from audience. It’s a win win situation.

That’s pretty much about it. Remember one thing. Your one piece of content should not be just a one piece of content. It should go on every social media channel.

For e.g. a tweet can be turned into a photo, video post and carousel post.
A blog can be turned into a Twitter thread, 2 LinkedIn post, 1 carousel post, multiple Instagram post and 1 Facebook post.

If you have any other content ideas feel free to drop them below.
Hope this was helpful.

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