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How to design eye catching carousel ads in your browser?

designing carousel ads in your browser
Designing Seamless Carousel Ads in your browser.

Hi, Today we will share how to create those sick carousel designs that gets everyone attention. They tend to perform much better than normal carousels designs because the way they are designed.

So we will be using Contentdrips Carousel Tool.

Here’s the link to it: Carousel Maker

So once you open the carousel tool you will see a one single canvas. That makes everything interesting. As single canvas allows you to create seamless effect very easily.

Contentdrips Carousel Design Tool

Now it’s time to design our Carousel Ads for Facebook. There are few already made templates for it. You can use those or start with your own design. You can select number of slides which are no of images.

It’s time to show your creativity, paste your product images and scale them over the edges of each slide. This will create seamless effect when it goes on Facebook.

Add text, create shapes, add shadows you can do some many customization to make it look more ? We kept things very simple. So we exported it.

Exporting your Carousel Ad design

Exporting your Carousel Ad design

You can save your design publicly and privately. By publicly anyone can access it but it needs to be reviewed by our team.

Here’s how it will look like on Facebook. Now on Instagram your carousel ad design will look even more better because Instagram doesn’t add separations between images.

So let us know how was your experience with carousel design tool of Contentdrips. Feel free to share your carousel ad designs in the comments.

Design your Facebook Carousel Ad: Carousel Maker

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