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11 Viral Carousel Designs for LinkedIn

Let’s explore viral carousel designs for LinkedIn, curated by Sarah Hart‘s keen eye. Sarah shares her insights on creating carousel covers that truly grab attention in the feed.

Without further ado let’s uncover the secrets to creating standout LinkedIn content that resonates with your audience.

No. 1:

Lara Acosta

In this design, Lara employs a hook, a sub hook, a screenshot, and an image of herself, forming a cohesive narrative that entices viewers to engage further.

The use of a hook immediately grabs the audience’s attention, compelling them to delve deeper into the content. Subsequently, the sub hook elaborates on the main point, providing additional context and intrigue.

Including a screenshot adds credibility and a visual element to the content, while the image of Lara herself humanizes the post, establishing a personal connection with the audience.

Lara’s design choices effectively blend storytelling elements with visual appeal, making her carousel post stand out amidst the cluttered LinkedIn feed.

No. 2:

Alex M H Smith

One notable feature is the placement of Alex’s name at the top of the design, instantly establishing his identity and brand.

The central placement of the hook in the middle of the page immediately captures the viewer’s attention, compelling them to engage with the content further.

Beneath the hook, a well-crafted sub hook provides additional context and intrigue, encouraging viewers to continue scrolling.

Moreover, the inclusion of a relevant background image enhances the overall visual appeal of the post, reinforcing the message and creating a memorable impression.

No. 3:

Jasmin Alec

Jasmin Alec’s carousel post design captured Sarah Hart’s attention for its bold and compelling elements. One standout feature is the bold and attention-grabbing hook, strategically placed to immediately intrigue viewers and encourage further exploration.

Additionally, the inclusion of Jasmin’s photo adds a personal touch to the post, humanizing the content and fostering a sense of connection with the audience.

Another noteworthy aspect is the presence of a repost button, compelling viewers to share the content with their network, thereby extending its reach and potential impact.

Jasmin’s design choices effectively combine visual appeal with practical functionality, creating a carousel post that not only stands out but also encourages engagement and interaction on LinkedIn.

No. 4:

Sophie Miller

Sophie Miller’s carousel post design stands out for its thoughtful incorporation of visual elements.

Notably, Sophie integrates screenshots into her design, offering viewers a glimpse into the content she’s sharing and adding depth to the narrative.

Positioned prominently in the middle of the page, a compelling hook immediately captures the audience’s attention, drawing them into the post.

Sophie further enhances the visual appeal of her design by incorporating relevant graphics, such as emojis.

Additionally, Sophie strategically places her logo at the middle bottom of the carousel, reinforcing her brand identity while maintaining a clean and professional aesthetic.

Sophie’s meticulous attention to detail and creative use of visuals make her carousel post both engaging and memorable on LinkedIn.

No. 5:

John Harrison

At the forefront of the design, John positions his photo in the top middle, immediately establishing his personal brand identity.

Following the photo, a compelling hook draws viewers in. Beneath the hook, a well-crafted sub hook provides additional context, keeping the audience engaged and interested.

John further enhances the credibility of his content by including a stat, adding a layer of authority and relevance to the post.

Finally, John strategically places his logo at the bottom middle of the carousel, subtly reinforcing his brand identity without detracting from the overall visual appeal.

John’s thoughtful arrangement of elements makes his carousel post both visually appealing and impactful.

No. 6:

Sahil Bloom

What truly sets Sahil’s design apart is the clever placement of the first part of the carousel content on the first slide, situated prominently on the middle of the slide.

With its large font and eye-catching format, this segment grabs the viewer’s attention, ensuring they engage with the content before even delving into the title hook.

Positioned strategically at the very top is a compelling hook, immediately drawing attention and piquing curiosity. Below the hook, Sahil masterfully incorporates a sub hook, providing additional context and setting the stage for what’s to come.

Sahil further enhances the visual appeal of his post by integrating a graphic that aligns seamlessly with the content, adding depth and interest.

Finally, Sahil reinforces his personal brand by including a small photo of himself in the bottom right corner, fostering a sense of connection with the audience. Sahil’s carousel post design commands attention and leaves a lasting impression on LinkedIn.

No. 7:

Colby Kultgen

Colby Kultgen’s carousel post design embodies simplicity and effectiveness. At the forefront is the classic arrangement: a hook followed by a sub hook.

This straightforward yet powerful structure immediately captures the viewer’s attention and provides clarity of message.

Complementing the textual content is a relevant and engaging visual, strategically incorporated to enhance understanding and retention.

Colby’s design demonstrates that sometimes, simplicity is key to making a lasting impact in the fast-paced world of LinkedIn content.

No. 8:

Luke Matthews

Luke Matthews’ carousel post design stands out with its captivating visual elements. Positioned at the top is a striking visual hook that immediately grabs attention and sets the tone for the content.

In the middle, Luke features a prominent screenshot, providing a clear and engaging glimpse into the subject matter of the post.

Positioned above the screenshot is Luke’s photo, adding a personal touch and fostering a connection with the audience.

Additionally, Luke strategically incorporates a significant statistic at the bottom, reinforcing the message and adding credibility to the content.

Through the strategic arrangement of visual and textual elements, Luke’s carousel post design effectively engages viewers and leaves a lasting impression on LinkedIn.

No. 9:

Nick Broekema

A compelling hook draws the viewers in, setting the stage for the content that follows. Beneath the hook, Nick incorporates a sub hook, providing additional context to the hook.

But what truly sets Nick’s design apart is the inclusion of a large, attention-grabbing graphic.

This graphic serves as a focal point, instantly capturing the viewer’s attention and reinforcing the message of the post.

Through the combination of personal branding, engaging hooks, and impactful visuals, Nick’s carousel post design effectively stands out on LinkedIn.

No. 10:

Matt Barker

Matt Barker’s carousel post design radiates creativity and engagement. Commencing with a captivating hook, following this, a well-crafted sub hook, keeping the viewer interested and invested in the post.

What truly distinguishes Matt’s design is the incorporation of a lively and eye-catching graphic as the main focus. This graphic serves as a visual anchor, adding personality to the post while reinforcing its message.

Moreover, Matt includes an arrow pointing towards the next slide, guiding the viewer seamlessly through the carousel.

Through the strategic combination of engaging hooks, impactful visuals, and user-friendly navigation elements, Matt’s carousel post design stands out as both memorable and effective on LinkedIn.

No. 11

Chris Do

Chris Do’s carousel post design displays sophistication and elegance. Serving as the father of carousels, Chris’s design stands out with its simple yet impactful black and white style.

At the forefront is a main hook, featuring a captivating quote from Mike Tyson. This quote immediately grabs the viewer’s attention, drawing them in and setting the tone for the content that follows. Positioned at the bottom is Chris’s branding, increasing brand recognition.

Chris’s carousel post design shows us why he is seen as a pioneer in carousel design on LinkedIn.

In summary,

These 11 viral carousel designs showcased by Sarah Hart offer valuable lessons for creating engaging content on LinkedIn.

From strategic hooks to captivating visuals, each design demonstrates effective ways to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

By incorporating these insights into your own LinkedIn strategy, you can enhance your online presence and connect more effectively with your audience.

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