Content Repurposing Made Easy

Easily repost your Twitter/X content on different social media 

A Chrome extension that'll make content your standout

Repurpose your tweets and threads into single image posts and carousel posts in seconds.

How it works

Install the extension

Install the chrome extension from the chrome webstore. Open the tweet/thread you want to use.

Click on repurpose

Click on the repurpose button beside the three dots. Now that your tweet/thread has been copied. 

Paste link into Contentdrips

Click on “Go to Contentdrips”, select a template and paste it and click on make carousel/get tweet. That’s it.

Smart edits

We have a bunch of smart editing features like update anything on the canvas instantly. No need to edit each textbox individually. Just click once and see it updated everywhere.

Turn tweet into a single posts

Turn your tweets into stunning visuals for Instagram and LinkedIn. Increase engagement by repurposing content on different platforms.

Turn Threads into carousel posts

Turn your Twitter threads into carousel one click. Use our unique and exclusive templates, to make professional carousels for your LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Single Canvas

It allows to have a incredible creative freedom, making the editing experience faster. So that you can create seamless carousels, super easily.

Hundreds of templates

Choose from hundreds of our handmade templates. From tweet style templates to professional looking carousel templates, we have them all. 

Enhance your content with AI

We recently introduced Contentdrips AI. It will help you in enhancing and editing your texts with AI. It can condense your text, or continue it, make it punchier, rephrase, fix the grammar and even generate a relevant image based on the context of your text.

Why repurposing matters?

Extended reach

Repurposing Twitter content broadens your reach and boosts long-term engagement.

Cross-Platform Promotion

Efficiently share your messages and ideas on multiple platforms to reach diverse social media audiences.

Content Efficiency

Repurposing content saves time and effort while delivering high-value through high-quality material.

Start repurposing now

Try the Chrome Extension today. It’s Free!