Turn Tweets or Threads into Carousel Posts

Create carousel posts from your Twitter content within seconds.

turn your text posts into carousels

Turn your high performing tweets
and Twitter threads into carousels

How it works?

Install Chrome Extension

Open your Twitter thread and click on the repurpose button

Paste it on Contentdrips

Simply paste your copied content in our thread to carousel textbox

Voila! It's done.

Hit “Make this carousel” button and let Contentdrips do it’s magic

Templates Library

Choose a template that suits your needs, effortlessly add your content, or leverage our repurposing features to create captivating posts in no time.

linkedin carousel templates library

Carousel Elements

Dive into our collection of carousel elements, featuring branding badges, swipe left icons, and so much more! Each element is thoughtfully curated to accelerate your carousel creation process. 

elements for carousels linkedin

Repurposing Features

Turn a single tweet or a long Twitter thread into a carousel post for your LinkedIn & Instagram. Repurposing content helps you get more reach for your same content.

Single Canvas

With Single Canvas, you have the ultimate creative freedom to design your carousel posts. Enjoy a faster editing experience, and effortlessly craft seamless carousel effects.

linkedin carousel maker

Carousels made with AI

 Contentdrips AI will be your new secret weapon for crafting carousel posts with ease. Just type in your topic, and watch the AI work its magic

create carousels with AI

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