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Unlock the power of LinkedIn with our top-performing carousel post templates. Drive engagement and increase visibility with proven designs that work.

LinkedIn carousel generator

Unlike other design tools, our single canvas allows you to create seamless carousels very easily and quickly.

Quick Edits

Create a professional-looking carousel in minutes by using our pre-made templates. We’ll add your branding on them.

Pre-made carousel templates

Turn your text or Twitter posts into LinkedIn carousels with ease. It’s smart & flexible, and it gets you more reach through repurposing.

Repurposing Features

Turn your text posts or twitter threads into LinkedIn carousel posts. It’s smart & flexible. Get more reach through repurposing.

LinkedIn carousel posts help you grow faster

Visually Appealing

As they are more visually appealing. Not many people uses them. So they tend to get more attention.


High Value Content

Videos & carousels are high value content. Algorithm pushes them most of the times as compared to plain text posts.

Interactive Post

As they are interactive, people spend more time on them. This triggers the algorithm to work in your favor, giving you more views.

How to publish a carousel
post on LinkedIn?

Create your LinkedIn carousel

Browse our collection of free LinkedIn carousel templates, edit them to suit your needs and make them your own. You can also create a design from scratch.