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How to make more content without creating more content?

content repurposing in 2021

One of the many challenges you encounter as a content marketer is creating content which your customers would search for and relish.

Luckily, you don’t always have to wait for an amazing topic to just magically come to you for there are several ways with which you can make and distribute content without actually creating new content.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with these useful tips and tricks

Repurpose your written content into photos/videos

You don’t always need to come up with new content ideas every time. Sometime you just have to repurpose your old content.

A great way to market your brand is by repurposing your content like your tweets or any text content into single image posts.

Repurpose your long form content into a carousel post

Besides this strategy for distributing content, you can also turn your twitter threads or your blogposts into carousel posts for your LinkedIn and Instagram.

Contentdrips carousel maker allows you to make seamless carousels for the aforementioned platforms.

Turning each podcast episode into a carousel post

Podcast is another strategic way for growing your business. For any industry, you can use podcasts to build trust within your clients, as well as generate a new audience that can positively impact your sales thereby, creating a good name for your business.

Podcasts allow your brand to integrate information about the products it produces, and the services which potential customers can use. This way, podcasts act as a category of advertisement for your business.

So, next time you are stuck staring at the blank screen of your device trying to think of juicy content for your brand, you can make use of these helpful tips and tricks that will allow you to make and distribute content without having to generate new content.

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