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Best tool for creating seamless carousel posts within your browser

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Single page canvas

Unlike other design tools, we have single canvas which makes creating seamless carousels very easy and quick.

Make bulk edits

Save time by making edits across canvas from one point. For e.g. if you want to update your name or handle. It will update it everywhere.

Pre-made templates

We have many templates which you can pick, edit and use it for your content. Hit Auto Brand button to add your branding everywhere.

Add your brand assets

Make your carousel align with your brand by uploading your fonts, colors and logos. Take personalization to next level.

Elements for carousels

Save your time by using many pre-made elements built for carousels. This makes carousel creation much more faster.

Why Instagram carousel posts perform better?

Carousel posts performs better than any other type of post

More engagement

Carousels gets more engagement as they are more interactive. User spend more time on them and algorithm pushes that.

Visually rich content

You can add more visuals specially seamless carousels are very attention grabbing. Visual performs better than static text.

Long Form Content

It's a long form of content. Algorithm values it more. You can share your content in a more detailed way. It performs well.

Create your IG carousel

Browse our carouse templates, edit them and make them your own. You can also make a design from scratch if you're feeling more creative.