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Crafting the Best LinkedIn Profile with ChatGPT + Free Prompts

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is an excellent way to enhance your professional brand, expand your network, and increase your chances of success on the platform.

The purpose of this blog is to show you how you can effectively use AI to write the best LinkedIn headlines, the best LinkedIn summaries and the best new experience job descriptions.

We will provide you with valuable prompts that you can use again and again to keep your profile updated.

Before we can start you’ll need to gather some information from your profile like, your profession or industry, your job title, your skills and areas of expertise, your career goals or objectives, target audience and any notable achievements or qualifications.


Follow the instructions below to get the best headline for your LinkedIn profile:

Open a new chat in ChatGPT type in the following prompt and don’t forget to fill in your information in the empty places.

“Take this information:

My profession or industry are _______________
my job title is ________________
my skills and areas of expertise are ______________________
My career goals or objectives are _____________________
My target audience are ________________________
Notable achievements or qualifications are _______________

And suggest me a good linkedin headline that contains relevant and searchable, SEO keywords.

1. I help entrepreneurs and sales professionals to grow their business every week with personal branding and social selling I Personal Branding Consultant I Color- and Style Consultant
2. Social Media Marketer 👩‍💻| Content Creator📱 | Mental Health Advocate 🧠
3. I help solopreneurs and SMEs generate clients through Elegant Outbound 🌊 B2B consultant | SDR Team Training”

LinkedIn headline ChatGPT prompts

Ask “include emojis” at the end of the prompt, If you want to add relevant emojis to spice up your LinkedIn headline.

These examples used in this prompt are taken from Özlem Sevim, Jessica Cawthorne and Stefano Curcio.

About section / Profile Summary

Use the instructions below to get ChatGPT to write the best summary for your LinkedIn profile.

Open a new chat, type in the following prompt, customize it to your liking and fill in your information and hit send.

“Take this information:

My profession or industry are _________
my job title is _________
my skills and areas of expertise are __________
My career goals or objectives are _________
My target audience are ____________
Notable achievements or qualifications are _______

And suggest me a good linkedin about section/ profile summary that contains relevant and searchable, SEO keywords
It should contain 2600 maximum characters and line breaks after every other sentence.”

This prompt should provide you with a very descriptive summary. Which you can manually read over and use the parts that you think seem most relevant or ask ChatGPT to “Make it more concise”

LinkedIn profile summary ChatGPT prompt

You can also give ChatGPT examples of Linkedin profile summaries that you like and would like ChatGPT to format your summary as.

And don’t forget to add a personal touch to your summary, for example: Add something about your daily life or about the reasoning behind choosing to pursue a specific industry.

Also it should be noted that you should always read over every answer given by ChatGPT before publishing it on your profile.

New Position / Job descriptions

It can be quite a pain to write a job description for a new job that you’re starting, that’s no longer the case

Use the prompt given below to ChatGPT and receive the best new experience or new position job description for your LinkedIn profile.

“I’m starting a new job,
The job title is: _____________________
My responsibilities include: ________________
Here’s some information about the company I’m joining: The name is _________ and It is a _____________

Write me a description of my role and responsibilities of my job with these key points in mind:

1. Use bullet points, don’t write lengthy paragraphs.
2. Keep it clear and concise. Don’t overuse bullets while listing responsibilities.
3. 2000 characters maximum
4. First-person narrative
5. Incorporate relevant and searchable SEO keywords”

Linkedin new experience description ChatGPT prompt

This will give you a very lengthy description, shorten to your liking and customize it to fit your job and profile.


Through its various capabilities, ChatGPT can review your profile and provide specific recommendations for improvement, suggest relevant keywords to boost your visibility, offer guidance on creating compelling content, share best practices and tips for effective LinkedIn usage, and answer any questions you may have about the platform.

In this blog we told you how you can leverage ChatGPT’s assistance, you can optimize key sections of your LinkedIn profile such as the headline, about section, and job descriptions, ultimately presenting yourself in the best possible light to potential employers and connections. Take advantage of ChatGPT’s AI-powered insights to refine your profile and maximizing your professional opportunities on LinkedIn.

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