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Get your questions answered.


  • Why Contentdrips is not free?
  • Running a video tool is expensive and requires lot of resources so in order to run the tool for longer term we have to monetize it. It's just 9$/month.

  • I can't afford to pay! Are there any other options?
  • Hmm! If you have any big social media account with good amount of audience or blog where you can write about us. So it's a Yes!
    Please email me in this case.

  • Which payment methods?
  • We accept all credit cards/debit cards & PayPal through our integration with Paddle.com

  • Do you have refund policy?
  • Yes we do have 15 days refund policy. If you're not satisfied with the product. Please contact us within 15 days of your subscription.


  • Does this work on mobile too?
  • Yes!! It does work very well on mobile devices too. All credit goes to our developer. For Carousel Tool we will recommend you atleast iPad.

  • Why i can't edit the photos even more?
  • We're sorry for this. This was not our goal. Our goal is to make automated creation with minimum interaction. We know it's still not 100% but we'll eventually get there.

  • Do you provide customer support?
  • Yes! We do. Feel free to email or contact us on any social media.


  • Who's behind ContentDrips?
  • Hi. I'm Usama Khalid. I made ContentDrips with my developer :)
    We're just two guys behind Contentdrips.
    We are constantly updating and making Contentdrips better. I'll recommend you to follow me on Twitter so you can follow my journey of building this startup. I can assist you personally as well.

  • What's the fastest way to reach you?
  • We're much active on social media. So you can send a message to the facebook page or email.

  • Are you guys funded?
  • Nope! We haven't raised any money yet. It's self funded right now.