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  • Why Contentdrips is not free?
  • Running a video tool is expensive and requires lot of resources so in order to run the tool for long term we have to monetize it. It's just 5$/month.

  • Will i be charged automatically every month?
  • Yes! but you cancel automatic subscription from your account page.

  • I can't afford to pay! Are there any other options?
  • Hmm! If you have any big social media account with good amount of audience or blog where you can write about us. So it's a Yes!
    Please email me in this case.

  • Which payment methods?
  • We accept all credit cards/debit cards and PayPal through our integration with Paddle.com


  • Does this work on mobile too?
  • Yes!! It does work very well on mobile devices too. All credit goes to our developer ;)

  • Why i can't edit the photo even more?
  • We're sorry for this. This was not our goal. Our goal is to make automated creation with minimum interaction. We know it's still not 100% but we'll eventually get there.

  • Do you add watermark?
  • Never! We will never add watermark on our videos even in your free trial we don't add watermarks.


  • Who's behind ContentDrips?
  • Hi. I'm Usama. I made ContentDrips. Well not only me, my developer too :)
    We're just two guys behind ContentDrips.
    We are constantly updating and making ContentDrips better.

  • What's the fastest way to reach you?
  • We're much active on social media. So you can send a message to the facebook page or email.

  • is it making money?
  • Not yet. We still haven't reached our break even but we are sure we can reach it.