Presenting PostDrips

Linkedin tool

Two factors determine the success of your post; quality of content and time.

We, at, brought you:

  • Carousel Maker
  • Text Styler
  • LinkedIn Text Post Converter
  • Video Maker
  • Quote Photos
  • Social Snaps

All to help you with creating quality content. But the time factor often kept our users from acing the game.

And so, the creators of Contentdrips came up with yet another innovative tool for you! Let me tell you more about it.

LinkedIn Management Made Easy with PostDrips

Launched on 18th August 2021, PostDrips is a sub-project of Contentdrips. Like the parent project, it aims to assist you with the growth of your brand.

And it addresses the time factor.

How so?

Well, simply put, PostDrips helps LinkedIn users schedule their posts beforehand. It works like an idea dump, content calendar, or, more accurately, a mini LinkedIn Management System.

For now, the tool doesn’t offer an insight into your LinkedIn analytics and statistics. But it sure helps you with aligning yourself and creating a fine and clear layout of your LinkedIn content strategy. You know, it’s more like a mock-up of what your posts would look like once they go live.

Here are some unique elements of this LinkedIn post scheduling tool:

One-Page Experience

Unlike other management systems, you need not switch between tabs and pages to jump from the latest posts to older posts. Or vice versa.

The same applies to using other features. You need not waste time shifting places. Why? Because PostDrips promises you a one-page experience! All your drafts and ideas in one place!

To help you keep it all organized, PostDrips categorizes your posts under three categories:

  • Scheduled
  • Drafted
  • Published

These show up with respect to how long ago you drafted them.

Style Your Posts

Since the vision behind this tool is to make the process of creating a post as stress-free as possible, the creators have also included the following features:

  • Italics
  • Bold
  • Strike-Through
  • Emoji Keyboard

You can also upload media files of sorts, including images, videos, and GIFs.


Maintain a Directory

In light of the fact that a lot is going on, on our LinkedIn accounts almost all the time, we often lose grip on our own posts. They get lost somewhere in the endless exchange of reactions and comments. It becomes difficult to track down our own posts even if we want to for the sake of evaluation and improvisation.

PostDrips caters to the issue effectively and maintains a clean and sorted directory of your posts. Whenever you wish to recheck the content you’ve covered, the formats you follow, or LinkedIn hashtags you use, you can browse your very personal post directory!

Keep the Distractions Away!

If the mails are more on your mind than work – you’re going to find the focus mode pretty useful! It blurs out everything else on the screen except your posts’ text box.

So, once you begin working on your post, you will only get up with a final product in hand. No slipping away!


Lastly, let me walk you through the pricing plans of PostDrips. Currently, team Contentdrips is offering the tool at $9 per month and $81 per year. There’s an ongoing 25 percent discount on the annual plan. Otherwise, it costs about $108 per year.

 For Contentdrips Pro Plan users, the tool is absolutely free!