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Turn your tweets into quotes for Instagram videos & photos.

turn to tweets into instagram photos

Hi content creators,

Content repurposing is a great way to maximize your content. If you have one tweet you can repurpose it for Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. The main content will be same but each will be differently designed.

So today we will learn how you can repurpose your tweets into small videos for Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. By this how way to multiply your content supply.

So we will be using Contentdrips Video Maker for creating videos and for creating photos we will be using Quotepik.

Here are the links to these tools.
~ Video Maker:
~ Quotepik:

Creating a tweet style video

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Contentdrips Video Maker — Tweet to video template

First step is to select any template. We like the Twitter Style template so we will select that. You can use other templates as well.

Now it’s time to select text animations you want. There are few you can choose from like Typewriter, fade by words, reveal etc.

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After you have animated your text you can export your video in mp4.

Just click on Export Video button and get your video. Which you can download and post on Instagram or LinkedIn. There are multiple sizes as well like 1:1 square, 9:16 portrait and 16:9 landscape.

Convert your tweets into videos for IG:

Creating Photos

For creating photos. We will use Quotepik tool. It works this way. You upload all your pictures once to it and save your profile by giving name, social media handle, website url and avatar (profile pic).

Now when you open QuotePik it will use those pictures on every template in a a random way. Also they will be a random quote on your template which you can change and edit.

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Create your quote style photos:

Let us know if you need help with anything. Looking forward to seeing you guys convert yout tweet into Instagram quotes style videos and photos.

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