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Repost your tweets as short videos for Instagram & Facebook.

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Today I’m gonna share how you can repost your tweets as videos for Instagram & Facebook. You see many people like Gary Vaynerchuk & Steven Bartlett shares those on their Instagram’s.

Reposting Tweets on Instagram

So you see many people post them as photos or screenshots, they work well. But now you can turn them into videos as well using Contentdrips Video Maker tool. As you know videos gets more reach than photos. 

Here is the actual output of one. You can get different text animations as well.

Repost Tweets on Instagram as videos —

So we will be using Contentdrips Video Maker tool to create videos like these. They have Twitter style templates and many other different templates including a LinkedIn and Messenger.

Here’s the link to the tool →

It’s a free tool, you will create your account first.

Go to Video Maker and select Twitter templates.

Twitter Template —

On the left side you can select any template, we have selected Twitter template. You can find many other templates. You will love each of them.

There are different options like change font family, change quote and different sizes for each template. Colors can also be changed according to your preferences.

Animate your tweet’s text for a video —

Now click on Animate Text. It will start animating your text on canvas.There are multiple text animations like Typewriter, FadebyWords, RevealbyWords and RevealbyLine. You can also drag and increase the text size.

Repurpose your tweets as videos for Instagram —

Now we’re just one step left. We just need to hit Export Video button and send our video for rendering. It will take approximately 40 seconds for a video like this. Once it’s rendered you will get a notification on the bottom right. You can also access all your videos in My Content page.

Repurpoe your tweets as videos —

Let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

Feel free to comment below.

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